Clubhouse/Pool/Fitness Committee
Our goal is to provide access, schedule and maintain our neighborhood clubhouse for all of our residents to enjoy in addition to  providing a clean, safe and fun place for our residents when using our Community Pool and Fitness Centers.
Amy Guillot (Clubhouse Committee Leader)
Josh Dencausse (Pool Committee Leader)
Elizabeth Battaglia (Fitness Center Committee Leader)
Marci Ortego (Clubhouse Committee Member)
We are using a Card Reader system for access to the pool area. If you have not received your new pool card or in need of a replacement card, please contact the Clubhouse/Pool/Fitness (CPF) committee using the "Contact Us" tab and "Obtain Pool Card" option.
Please download the following documents for review and submit to Keystone Residential Management.
Pool Card and Rules Agreement are both located on the Clubhouse Reservation's page in our members area.

To "RESERVE A DATE" for the Clubhouse, please visit CMGT's Clubhouse Calander page. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from CMGT.
Please let us know of any praise, comments or ideas you may have!